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Izutsu Kazuyuki


Isaka hunya, Nakamura Yuri, Nishijima Hidetoshi, Fujii Takashi, Kimura Midoriko, Kazama Morio



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Pacchigi! Love & Peace


A human drama that portrays a family who live as North Korean residents in Japan, centering around An-Song (Isaka Shunya), who struggles to have the illness of his beloved son cured, and his younger sister Gyong-ja (Nakamura Yuri). Directed by Izutsu Kazuyuki of We Shall Overcome Someday (Pacchigi!).
In 1974, An-Song comes to Tokyo from Kyoto for his sick son, Chang-su. One day, when An-Song was in a big scuffle on a station platform, a kind railway employee, Sato(Fujii Takashi), helps him out and he becomes a family friend. In the meantime, Gyong-ja, the younger sister, is spotted by a scout for a talent agency. Gyong-ja takes the offer and goes into show business to enable her to pay for Chang-su's medical expenses, and she meets Nomura(Nishijima Hidetoshi). However, the condition of Chang-su gradually deteriorates, and they are informed that there is no means to help him in Japan. Standing at a crossroads, the three accept their fate to live as North Korean residents in Japan and decide to face up to the society.